Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Town- Movie Review

The Town- Movie Review
Anyone who has done any research online or watched the trailers knows what they are getting into when they go see this film. And it delivered. Flawed characters are always interesting as long as they have some kind of redeeming feature, and those with hints of wasted potential are doubly so. This was a great ride while it lasted and I definitely recommend seeing it if you get the chance.

I appreciate the way this story was woven with clever foreshadowing and links between seemingly innocuous conversations and later events. A bit too clever, at times, but still nice regardless. The message at the end of this movie was that crime doesn't pay. Or, not really. The character who lived a life of violence died as he lived, and the character with lost potential redeemed himself in the end (although he has to sacrifice an important relationship and contact with the rest of the world to do so). You can't help but feel sorry for the guy as events conspired to keep him involved in crime. One simply has to recall the quote, as cliché as it is, by Corleone: "Every time I think I'm out...they keep pulling me back in!" He is as determined as the FBI officer after him, but is confined by his upbringing and his circumstances. In any case, the point was that I enjoyed this movie. The action was great and it actually had a decent emotional range (unlike most movies that are made nowadays). Check it out.

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