Sunday, September 19, 2010

B+ for "Summer Knight" by Jim Butcher

Another highly entertaining read from Jim Butcher in his Dresden Files series. This book, while good, was less entertaining for me because more time was spent on unraveling the mystery and escaping baddies than on interacting with other characters. Murphy isn't in this book as much as some previous books, Michael is totally absent, and Susan is gone to South American (for spoilerish reasons). He brought a character from a previous novel into things a bit more, but I found that there wasn't enough character interaction between Dresden and friends. I'd still recommend this book as I've heard from other sources that the books really start to get good around book four. This is still a quick and entertaining read for fans of the series with a few surprises that I didn't expect (and a couple that I could see coming). Check it out, if only to see Dresden come through again after being hit with another impossibly dangerous mission.

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