Sunday, September 19, 2010

B+ For "Dragonfly Falling" by Adrian Tchaikovsky

B+ For "Dragonfly Falling" by Adrian Tchaikovsky

This novel, like the first, has a strong cast of interesting characters and some well-crafted plotting. It isn't on the same level as GRRM, but then, nothing else really is.

I'd put it almost on par with Joe Abercrombie's First Law series, although both are strong in their own way. Point of view issues and a few other niggling problems could have been fixed, but still a tremendous novel. Occasionally I think there were extra scenes added from characters that are not exactly of the greatest importance, and thus I feel they could have been cut. From the looks of the page count in the third book, it looks like the tendency to add extra scenes has been curtailed, so I expect a tighter story in the next installment.

As mentioned, there are a few POV issues still, in that sometimes the author will switch between characters without warning. Still, a well crafted universe, interesting characters, and a dynamic plot are enough to keep me reading. Well done.

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