Tuesday, December 20, 2011

C- for Incarceron

C- for Incarceron
The characters in the novel are basically fine. Sure, they are both living with very real problems and they are easy to relate to. But are they especially interesting? Do they feel especially well fleshed out? Not really. They fulfill the demands of the plot, and that's about it. I often didn't understand why a particular character would be thinking something or saying something (issues with character motivations) so that was a problem. Is the plot exciting and interesting and new? No. I figured out the gist of the plot after the first 50 pages. Not really any big surprises. Is the idea for the setting cool? Sure. Absolutely. Is the writing good? Sure, it's fine for YA. Is this the best YA novel on the market today? Absolutely not. Shipbreaker by Paolo Bacigaulpi is much MUCH better. Heck, even the Hunger Games is better. Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld and House of the Scorpion are also better choices.

The pacing is good, the characters do their job adequately, the setting is interesting, and the writing is fine, but there are many other better books to read first. If you absolutely are in love with the premise, sure, go for it, but definitely read a few sample chapters and see if it hooks. Just thought it needed to be said based on what reviews are currently found on here (not many).

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