Saturday, July 17, 2010

A- for "The Eye of the World" but a WARNING

A- for "The Eye of the World" is a well-earned grade. The pacing of this book is brisk and you hardly notice as the pages fly by, only partly because they are on the run from (practically) the beginning to the end of this novel.

I do have to warn readers that I was unable to even finish the second novel of this series, and note that other reviewers have pointed out that the pacing of later novels in this series becomes glacial, at best. If you want to absolutely read something in the same vein as the lord of the rings, this is a good choice. I MUCH prefer GRRM and his grittier, more realistic (assuming you accept the premise of the world the characters live in) setting.

If you don't want grittiness, I'd still recommend Rothfuss's series over the Wheel of Time. I enjoyed this book, but you've been warned about what you're getting into. Still, there are an enormous amount of people who absolutely love these books, so by no means take my word to heart if you are interested in reading this series. Read the first book, try the second, and maybe even the third, to see for yourself. Best of luck!


  1. Dear Mr. Mollon,

    I respectfully disagree with your evaluation of Robert Jordan's "the eye of the world". While I can see what turned you off about the eye itself, to have someone such as yourself place this black mark on the series without reading it all was disappointing. What I tell people is "if you get through the first three, it only gets better and you will be hooked." The pacing improves. I have a solution for you. Since you like Brandon Sanderson, just read "The Gathering Storm". Don't worry about what happens in between, you will get caught up in the story where you find it. I am one of those who believe that The Wheel of TIme are some of the greatest novels ever written, and I would hate to see you miss out just because you didn't like the eye. I will admit the ending was somewhat cheesy and lame but none of the other novels have that problem, I swear. I know it is not going to hurt Robert Jordan, but I am inclined to question your other reviews now because of this review. I am always looking for a quicker way to find other good new authors so I want to take your reviews seriously. I am also a big fan of Jim Butcher and Patrick Rothfuss although I though TNOTW was somewhat anticlimactic (come on, the dracus, that was it??). In my opinion, you are being unjustifiably critical (because you have not read the entire series), publicly, of one of the greatest authors who ever lived. I will surely remember your name... I want to see what kind of book you come out with if you don't like Robert Jordan.

  2. Patricia,
    While the original post that contained my review of "The Eye of the World" has disappeared from my blog, I still wanted to respond to your comment in the off chance that you come back.

    I believe I did note in my review that my preferences in reading fantasy tend towards the gritty and realistic nowadays, and I prefer low-magic settings generally. As Robert Jordan's series is neither low-magic nor "gritty and realistic" (in the cynical GRRM sense of the words) perhaps that is another reason why I didn't enjoy it as much as others. Another possibility is the fact that at 12 books and counting, the series is simply too daunting to continue with so much other good material out there.

    I'm sorry to hear that you're more likely to question my other reviews, but I would like to thank you for your comment, however. I appreciate any comments or criticism from other readers.

    Know that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Robert Jordan's accomplishments and truly enjoyed the first book, but my tastes have shifted. Luckily, my tastes won't prevent thousands of other people from enjoying his novels, as well they should.
    Best wishes