Friday, June 25, 2010

Toy Story 3/ First Post

First Post...
Where am I supposed to start this thing? 
For inspiration, I decided to go check out Patrick Rothfuss's blog and see how he started things off. "Under Construction," it said. That means that he actually had his own website by the time he started blogging, so he's way ahead of me there (I will ignore the fact that by the time he wrote his second post he was being recognized as an author and already had a published novel under his belt). Well, I can't say too much other than that I'm going to be writing on this blog occasionally when I'm bored or drunk or have something semi-interesting to say. 
That's good enough, isn't it?
For those of you who are anxiously looking through bookstores for my novels, I'm afraid you'll have to wait. I do have about a dozen unpublished short stories sitting on my computer, that will most likely never see the light of day, and not one but two unfinished novel drafts as well. I know. I know. I should be writing instead.

Instead of posting anything funny, I have decided to write about Toy Story. Isn't that what all the cool writers do for their first post? Here goes...

To begin, and at the risk of sounding stupid/vain/crazy, I'm just going to copy over my facebook status that best sums up my thoughts on Toy Story 3: "Just saw Toy Story 3. Fantastic, except that it is making me suffer through  feelings of nostalgia, happy and sad and deep..."

Perhaps I've been reading too much Patrick Rothfuss, but the movie really had an impact on me. I'm more-than-slightly afraid that they (the evil money-devouring producers that made this wonderful movie) will ruin "things" by trying to do a Toy Story 4 (I'm hoping they don't). Toy Story 3 ends things on a fantastic high-note and I'm happy with the journey we've had. I loved the first one, I enjoyed the second one, and I adored this one. There is comraderie and betrayal, joy and loss, and with nostalgia-inducing scenes the whole way through (perhaps one day someone will say something like this about something I write. Perhaps). It was a fantastic story even as a stand-alone, but all the better with what's come before.

Someone commented on the fact that I actually enjoyed this movie. Surprising, I know, since I bitch and moan and whine about practically every other movie I see. Here's my response (if anyone cares): "I like good movies. Movies that don't have unnecessary gaping plot holes. Movies that almost humorously melodramatic. Movies that inspire a range of emotional responses. Unfortunately, that eliminates 99% of movies from consideration."

In any case. A hearty recommendation for Toy Story 3! 

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